Pro Bono

Pro Bono Publico, latin phrase meaning “for the public good”,  encapsulates the work that Law Firms conduct voluntarily, ordinarily for nominal or no compensation, as a service to members of the public.  Our Firm recognises that Pro Bono work allows us to provide legal assistance to marginalized people or charitable and non-governmental institutions which that normally cannot afford such legal services and by virtue of that fact are denied access to justice.  Our services cover many areas of the law including advocating for human rights and fundamental freedoms, civil liberties, government accountability, and legal rights sounding in both private and public law.

Since the establishment of our Firm, the issues we have taken on through our pro bono work have ranged from the most basic of needs to the most fundamental of rights.  For instance, our services range from assisting, a domestic violence shelter for women in Belize, to obtain a breach of contract judgment against a local contractor for failure to complete a building contract, to obtaining an important Supreme Court decision in 2014 for the Indigenous Maya Communities recognizing the rights of indigenous Maya People to free, prior and informed consent with respect to any contract or permit  (oil drilling or otherwise) that falls within the Maya People’s lands.

As the needs of our various social partners in our community evolve, so will their need for relevant and timely legal solutions.  Providing those social partners with legal assistance and access to justice is not only a social responsibility, but a tool for having a meaningful impact on the lives of Belizeans.