Fraud and Asset Recovery

Courtenay Coye LLP is the leader in fraud and asset recovery in Belize.

Our attorneys have considerable experience in asset recovery and have collaborated with foreign solicitors in high profile and complex multijurisdictional frauds with a Belize dimension. We have successfully procured Norwich Pharmacal/Banker’s Trust Disclosure Orders, Freezing Orders in aid of local and foreign proceedings, and the appointment of Receivers in aid of local and foreign proceedings.

We also have experience in the enforcement of foreign judgments, the enforcement of foreign arbitral awards, the recognition of foreign receivership orders, and in asset tracing.

What sets Courtenay Coye LLP apart from other firms in Belize is our willingness to take on the challenge of a new case, no matter how complex and to design a strategic plan that is ably executed. We provide innovative solutions that have resulted in continued success in all areas including fraud and asset recovery.